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Services & Our Expertise

Services Offered

ABSAM Health Research Centre produces original, creative, useable and innovative knowledge based on R&D by carrying out consultancy, research, training, software, and publishing activities/services in an integrated manner in all related areas of health, health care and health systems; particularly policy, management and economic dimensions.


ABSAM provides consultancy services to all types of public and private organisations, non-profit organisations, NGOs, and individuals at national and/or international level in the areas relevant to its objectives and operations, mainly health, health care services and health policies.

Research & Analysis

ABSAM helps the development and decision-making of health, health care and health policies and other related areas through innovative research and analysis based on R&D.


Our education programmes titles;

  • European Union, Health and Health Policies
  • Health Tourism
  • Health and Politics
  • Health Financing, Health Insurance and Reimbursement Systems
  • Health Economics, Farmacoeconomics and Health Technologies
  • Health Workforce Policies and Analysis
  • Health and Hospital Management
  • Comparative Health Systems
  • Social Policies, Social Security, Social Aids and Social Services
  • Health and Community (Health Sociology)
  • Health Law
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Other

Please contact us to request trainning programmes.


ABSAM develops software regarding its areas of activity.


As an integral part of our mission, ABSAM publishes boks, reports and papers, journal and blog using the outcomes of its activities, for the interested public, the academic community, government officials, and other related people, mainly health policy, economics and management experts.

  • Books
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Journal-Absağlık
  • Blog-Health and Politics


ABSAM aims to organize meetings and/or events such as semposium, congress, panel, and workshop at national and/or international level. In this context, as an international organisation/event, a conference is planning to be held once a year from 2015 on, called “Turkey-European Health Forum” aiming to bring together stakeholders in Turkey and European health policy circles.